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Currently working as an Electrical Engineer designing tablets and other high volume disposable junk.  Although my official background is hardware, I often dabble in software, so this is what the blog is about, and probably other things.

Over the past few years after reading SICP I got hooked into the land of lisp and am now a full-fledged Clojure addict.  I seriously think there is some dopamine reward cycle going on as I get withdrawal symptoms (moody, cranky, distracted) if it’s been a few  days since my last programming fix.  The funny thing is keeping this as a hobby rather than a real job is probably what keeps it fun.  I’ll write what I learn here so bear with me as I try to develop a full-size EDA application.

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  1. Jim Bender

    I finally got Emacs 24.4 installed and wanted to add the Marmalade package. I just slammed it into the init.el file and got an error message. I am trying to customize Emacs for Clojure. The package name you gave no longer exists. In any case there is an error on launching Emacs Most of my heavy Lisp programming was one in the latter 1980’s, although I have done Scheme work in the 2000’s. A friend of mine is interested in learning Clojure, so I thought I should get set up with Emacs as my IDE. Back in the 1980’s, I have been a big Emacs user, although I pretty much have forgotten everything I used to know.


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