Your first JavaFX app

Complete JavaFX installation Before making a barebones JavaFX application under Clojure, you need to make sure the Lein program can find the appropriate jar files.  For this, we need to… Install Maven Maven is a java-based build system.  I really don’t know anything about it, except it uses a bunch of xml files.  Fortunately we… Read More »

My Emacs init.el

I will join the hoards of Emacs people and put up my Emacs init.el file here.  This should be compatible with the tutorial I posted.  Even though I was first exposed to Emacs over 20 years ago, I didn’t really start using it until about last year.  So I truly still consider myself a newbie.  Everything… Read More »

Setting up Emacs/Clojure environment for Windows

This particular set of steps is done using a freshly-installed version of 64-bit Windows 8.1.  The concepts are largely stolen from here, but I removed anything about really old versions of Windows. Install Emacs 1. Download Emacs for Windows from the Big Page.  As of this writing (Oct 19, 2013), the current version is 24.3.… Read More »

Emacs rant before the tutorial

I originally started in Clojure using JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA IDE with the clojure plugins.  This was great for a few hello-world types of programs, but I felt I was missing out after reading what you could do with Emacs.  For example in IDEA I could start a REPL, but I couldn’t figure out how to… Read More »

(defn start-blog []…)

Hi, I’m starting this blog after thinking for a while that I need a place to put my thoughts out there and see what comes back.  Primarily this will be a place where I log my various computer or engineering projects, both to share with whomever is willing to read as well as to get… Read More »